I have two areas of specialization, helping people with Parkinson’s and those with adrenal and thyroid issues.

I started my work with the Parkinson’s community after seeing the impact of the disease on my own father. I decided to get my personal trainer certification and utilize my background in martial arts to start the first Rock Steady Boxing program in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, I have moved on to train PwPs (people with Parkinson’s) via Beat PD one-on-one and small-group sessions.

My mission to help people fight constant fatigue and other decimating symptoms of adrenal and thryroid issues stems from my own experiences, where I consulted Western and naturopathic specialists for years before finding a functional medicine nurse practitioner, whose program made an immediate difference. Because managing exercise and nutrition efforts is crucial to living with these types of issues, I offer personal training, wellness coaching and referrals, to help others find solutions faster!

Below are some of the experiences and tools I use in my training.

Coaching + training experience
Personal trainer, wellness coach and bootcamp instructor – Karen Johanson Fitness – 2013 to Present
Coach – Rock Steady Boxing Seattle – 2015 to 2017
Personal trainer – LA Fitness – 2014 to 2015

University of Oregon – Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art/Photography
NASM-CPT Personal Trainer Certification
Brian Grant Power Forward Bootcamp Instructor Training
Parkinson’s Disease: Exercise Integration from Clinic to Community workshop, OHSU Parkinson Center, April 2013
Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance
TRX Suspension Training and Sports Medicine Suspension Training Courses
IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ West, 2013, 2016 + 2017
Currently studying for Precision Nutrition certification

Martial arts, movement + sports training
Muay Thai
Velodrome + mountain bike racing